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Ultimately it's about having fun making music.

torontoUKES workshops, clinics, camps and private lessons are fun, thorough and contemporary.

Group workshops

Ukulele workshops, camps & clinics for all ages

and skill levels.


Our workshops balance respect for the ukulele as a wonderfully versatile instrument with the fun and whimsy that define its character.


Ultimately, to us,  it's about making great music.

Our emphasis on musicality, expression, style and groove is grounded by a thoughtful approach to technique and just enough theory to help connect the dots.


Attention to detail is delivered with light-hearted energy that sets you up for efficient progress and better sound.


Our UKE-101 workshop has been a popular starting point for hundreds of players.

Our style and chord camps help advancing players right wrongs and refine their skills.


▶  Ralph Shaw's generous perspective

on our approach to group jams 



Private lessons

The best way to get your strum on is one-on-one. We offer extendable flights of 5 x 1h sessions uniquely customized for you.


Steve McNie's infectious energy and attention to detail inspire people to have more fun by playing better. He has worked with hundreds of players of all ages, skill levels and style interests. He will work with you on a comprehensive program specifically tailored for you.


We guarantee a few "a-ha! moments" and a sustained impact on how you play.

Up to 2 participants.

In person in Toronto -

                  elsewhere, by Skype or Facetime.​



 buying your first ukulele 


 where to buy in the GTA 

Our focus on musicality, expression, style and groove is grounded by a little theory and a thoughtful approach to technique.


"UKE 3.0" is our term for the current surge in ukulele popularity.


get your strum on! is a progressive UKE 3.0 learning program. an engaging exploration of musical possibilities aimed at fostering a longterm relationship with music.


We approach the instrument on it's own terms as a powerful chordal instrument capable of reflecting any style.


Our teaching is presented in contemporary "high G" re-entrant C6 tuning (G-C-E-A). 


We introduce a variety of genres in a way that resonates, engages and energizes.


Our presentation is supported by video projection which we can supply as necessary.


Our work in schools includes return invitations at Havergal College, St. Clement's School for Girls, Bishop Strachan, The Mabin School, Grenoble Public and Dixon Hall. We would be pleased to supply references specific to our work in schools on request.

yuga is a constantly expanding series of Song Salutations - "up-the-neck and back"* exercises that improve your uke technique quickly.

This is a holistic approach that promotes simultaneous development of:

  • fret-board awareness

  • left hand agility and dexterity

  • ear and chordal sense

  • a fluid right wrist

  • timing and rhythm

  • strum and picking possibilities

  • musicality, expression, phrasing and flow


Three Song Salutations are available free on our YouTube channel.

For more you can

  1. join as a YUGA practitioner for $18 which includes 12 Song Salutations 

  2. subscribe to receive a new Song Salutation every week for as little as $1 per week


Every Song Salutation includes a detailed description of the exercise and purpose - and a demo video to play along with.





* your uke's, not yours

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