PARTICIPATION Intermediate +

LENGTH 1 - 1.5h (customizable)

A/V video projection, audio if > 60 ppl

Steve takes you systematically into two related realms of right hand technique . Both are really useful adds to your arsenal, that you will reallappreciate adding to your palette of right hand options. He draws from Scruggs style 5-string banjo technique for an approach to a gorgeous alternating first finger and thumb ukulele texture called “chiming” (think John Lennon’s left hand in the piano of Imagine). Also from 5-string banjo, a fabulous fundamental recurring “roll” pattern that becomes a beautiful backdrop to your gentler songs. This workshop begins NOW!

Remember this: 2-1-4-1 3-1-4-1

Got it? You are SO already equipped. Take the workshop to find out how.


an introduction to chiming and picking


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