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Mark Holmes on CUJam

video: Mark Holmes

Ukulele Streetcar

I'm a description. Click to edit me​​

​video: Amy Singer

Katie Fotheringham

Waiting In Vain with hula hoop. Classic!

​video: Andy Frank, Paul Yedema

Another Brick In The Wall

David Olson, solo Godin

video: Quentin Thwaites

Brenna MacCrimmon

Almost 250,000 views at last count

video: Andy Frank, Paul Yedema

Hallelukulelejah Chorus

With the Corktown Chamber Orchestra

video: Quentin Thwaites

Freeze Frame!

Margaret Mulligan's photos of CUJam members. soundtrack: the McFlies

Visitors from Japan

A precious moment from our open stage stop at Mitzy's Sister the night we comandeered a streetcar.

I Want To Be A Boy Toy

Prime Ross Monk: he sez this interest in becoming a boy toy is because his last one didn't work out. video: Quentin Thwaites

The Star gets Steve to chime

And you can too in under 6 minutes.

Get Lucky

April 23, 2014: Peter LeBlanc as Nile Rogers leads this one-take tribute to the Daft Punk's album and song of the year.
video: Q

Mike "Malahini" Scott

of Canada's longest standing performing band, The Hawaiianaires

video: Andy Frank, Paul Yedema

Big Bottom w/ Tiny Stonehenge

Classic Spinal Tap from the Group W Bench  solo: David Olson bass: Richard Bales

​video: Quentin Thwaites

CUJam: Better Than Fetish Nite!

According to this coy little exchange that kind of looks like an early incarnation of the "fuck you" animated character in "Her".

Jake appeared at our door

video: David Newland

CUJam on CBC Newsworld

Weekend Scene with Jenena Adzic

video: CBC

Dada Alan

One CUJam truly memorable and extraordinary moments, this re-enactment of a 1926 performance of the Dada Manefesto.

Because I Got High

video: David Newland

Adrianne Chan

She was 16 when she dropped in with this. video: Michael Runciman

I Will Survive

We pitted arch-rivals Rock and Disco against each other. Tough to beat convincing competition like this from Richard Thompson. 

Jimmy the Uke

Doing the Monster Mash. he was 11.

​video: Andy Frank, Paul Yedema

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