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Manitoba Hal

The thrill is always alive and well in Corktown.

video: Michael Runciman

Trailer: The Camel Song

Brenna MacCrimmon and David Olson star in this epic motion picture, um, trailer.

video: Quentin Thwaites

Blister In The Sun

Dan Misener does it again.

video: Dan Misener

The Rob Ford Song

Brenna MacCrimmon kicks up a little dust around Toronto's most embarrassing mayor ever. video: Quentin Thwaites

That's What I Like About You

Another sample of original wit and charm from David Olson. video: Quentin Thwaites

5 Years of Awesomeness

A 20:00 minute video montage of CUJam highlights from the first 5 Quentin Thwaites

Adrianne Chan

She was 16 when she dropped in with this. video: Michael Runciman

Hallelujah w/ Choir! Choir! Choir!

CUJam, C!C!C! and the Corktown Chamber Orchestra. 2011-12-08

​video: Tim McCready

Sultans of Schwing

That's Frank Paldino singing. Peter LeBlanc, solo

video: Paul Yedema

Ohhhh Archie!

Those Were The Days, a Bob n Sue classic.

​video: Paul Yedema

Collette Savard & John Zytaruk

It's Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine"

video: Andy Frank, Paul Yedema

Jessie Cole & Dad

"November Song" is a beautiful Jessie original. The dad, by the way, is Lighthouse singer/guitarist Ralph Cole.

​video: Quentin Thwaites

Vivienne Muhling on Pete Seeger

She introduced the Weavers to Toronto in the mid 50's and presented them, Pete and many others, many times.

I Will Survive

We pitted arch-rivals Rock and Disco against each other. Hard to beat convincing competition like this from Richard Thompson. 

Ode to a pair of gay penguins

Sunny Widerman sings and plays her beautiful Ballad of Buddy and Pedro

​video: Quentin Thwaites

Why Can't We Be Friends

It took a song to bring peace on the Group W Bench in the wake of a bitter riff.

video: Quentin Thwaites

Oy, Choir! Choir! Choir!

Dec 8 2011: with Corktown Chamber Orchestra at Little Trinity.

video: Tim McCready

Bela Lugosi's Dead

Brendan O'Malley & David Olson.

video: Quentin Thwaites

Takin' Care of Business

Doin' what we do every Wednesday. CUJam & the Skinny Dippers featuring David Olson 

video: Quentin Thwaites 

Can I Go Nowhere With You

Dan Misener has aknack for finding and bringing simple, catchy song like this one he learned from a Zellers commercial.


"Cheetara's Lament" written and performed by one of our favourite people from down the road. video: Paul Yedema

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