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Feature Video

Feature Video

Shock The Monkey

▲ 2011: Peter Gabriel highlighted the submission of Toronto violinist Alex Cheung as his personal favourite from the hundreds participating in a remix competition presented by his Realworld Record label. This live performance of Alex's remix was featured at CCO's Feb 2011 chamber concert. Featuring: Iris Rodrigues (operatic solo), Alex Cheung (violin), Chris Patheiger (lead vocal), Steve McNie (accordion). Alex, Chris and CCO cellist Steve McNie are members of The McFlies.

Solsbury Hill

▲ McFlies Sean McShane (vocals) & Jay Moonah (guitar) frontline this 2012 performance of Peter Gabriel's Solsbury Hill. Arrangement: Steve McNie

Tell Me A Story

▲ 2009: Erin Lang, Roger O'Donnell (keyboards, The Cure), Paul van Dongen, Steve McNie perform O'Donnell's Tell Me A Story. Our February concert has become a seasonal highlight that presents small ensembles of CCO members and friends.

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Brahms: Symphony No. 3 In F Major Op. 90, 3rd movement, poco allegretto

▲ May 12, 2016: Corktown Chamber Orchestra | Paul McCulloch, Conductor

Prokofiev: Overture on Hebrew Themes Op. 34

▲ March 31, 2016: Corktown Chamber Orchestra concert
video: John Hendsbee

Portrait of a Loser | Streets of Toronto

▲ May 12, 2016: Kevin Walsh, Guitar & Vocals Corktown Chamber Orchestra. Paul McCulloch (arrangment, Conductor)

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