Looking for a good time and a great band?


You are serious about the importance of music in your life, likely having taken its study to a higher level at some point. You offer a balance of musical competence, orchestra experience, personality and commitment.

Your commitment includes sincere effort to:

  • Prioritize attendance at all rehearsals, sectionals, concerts and meetings and to consider each to be of similar importance

  • Take on at least one non-artistic responsibility *

  • Communicate responsibly on everything that impacts other members

  • Practise! We are not a "take it out of the case once a week" kinda band


* Our welfare depends on a lot more than just the music we make, so we expect every member to take on at least one, ongoing non musical responsibility. It doesn't work out to much, maybe 15 minutes per week.


We tend to skew younger than other community orchestras, attracting an ecclectic mix of really interesting people. 

While grounded in the obvious, we dabble in jazz, pop, rock, soul, folk, and tango. We love collaborating on opportunities that open new doors.

Five tenets distinguish the way we roll from other groups:

  • No fees to be a member

  • No auditions: joining is assessed on musical ability
    and experience, non-artistic potential and "fit"

  • No one is paid, not even our Music Director

  • All members contribute to our artistic,
    marketing and administrative welfare

  • We have never applied for public funding​

→ our membership policy 

Rehearsals: Tuesday evenings, 7:30- 10pm

Our season begins the day after Labour Day


Little Trinity Church → map 

425 King Street East

1 block east of Parliament, just west of the DVP

TTC: the King streetcar stops at our door

Little Trinity Anglica Church, Toronto

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