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Toronto Star | DANIEL OTIS writes about the Annex Ukulele Jam at the Tranzac Club, and about Canada Ukes, Ontario's first-ever ukulele festival. 2015-05-22


The Ukulele Entertainer | RALPH SHAW's "The Jam Master" offers a generous take on our approach to group playing. 2015-05-26


Open Stage Adventure | JULIE COREY's sense of the Corktown Ukulele Jam in its 7th year projects thoughtfully in this blog entry. 2015-03-11


Globe & Mail | IAN BROWN probes the "phoenician rise of the ukulele" from the front page of Canada's national newspaper. 2014-05-07


Toronto Star | ANDREA GORDON's informed feature on our sustained growth made the front page of the Toronto Star. Ukulele jam draws folks of all ages and backgrounds, week after week 2013-02-19

The story includes this video vignette featuring Steve McNie’s demo of a nifty right hand technique he calls “chiming".


Toronto Star | JOHN GODDARD's
Tiptoeing Through The Tavern With Ukes (2009-11-09) compelled scores of Star and Metro readers to see what all the fuss was about first-hand


City TV online | MICHAEL TALBOT penned this story (2010/01/19) about CUJam's first anniversary


Toronto Star | JASON ANDERSON's Strum along with the Mighty Ukulele revival (2009-11-09) is a Toronto Star lead-up to our city's premier of Mighty Uke, the must-see ukulele documentary



Unfortunately, The National Post is no longer archiving these stories:


National Post | JOE CONNOR took stock of the Toronto uke scene in two similar pieces: Ukulele renaissance (2011-05-06) and The mighty ukulele (2011-05-07)


National Post | ALISON BROVERMAN (2010-01-19) wrote this nice piece for the National Post on The Corktown Ukulele Jam and CUJAM WEST at Lula Lounge

radio | podcasts


Launch our audio player for an archive of several radio and podcast features about CUJam including:


CIUT | PETER STOCK's 2009-7-8 depth piece includes interviews with CUJam members and some history of the ukulele. Repeated 2010-11-18: CIUT website 


CBC Radio 1 | DAN MISENER's 2009-7-18 early attention to CUJam on Garvia Bailey Big City Small World


CBC Radio 1 | FRANK FAULK Gospel According To Uke (2009-09-13)


Jazz-FM | JAYMZ BEE’s morning show props for CUJam are heard often

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