Steve, this is an exceptional opportunity for you to learn French and cut your teeth in sales in order to inform your future in entertainment marketing.





Imagine getting paid to learn French in one of the world's great cities while representing some of the most popular recording artists of the time.


My mandate was to ensure the highest possible profile for an impressive roster of artists by working with record retail chains like Sam's, A&A, Discus, Phantasmagoria on others on promotion, advertising, merchandising, inventory control and artist appearences.


Someone suggested that with such an impressive roster, my job must be easy and fun. It was probably the best 3 years of my life - but easy it was not. If CBS was happy with a 1,000 unit opening order of a new Springsteen album at Sam's St-Catherine Street store, I wasn't satisfied until I could find a way to double that with a new Genesis release.


  • Territory included Québec and Ottawa

  • My portion of the business was deliniated by retail chain and represented about 8% of the Canadian business


Notable promotions

Sam the Record Man Spring Tune-Up (current hit albums) + Summer Sunsplash (Island catalogue)


Instore artist appearances

Laura Branigan (Discus); Men Without Hats (Sam's); Belgazou (Sam's mall stores); Laurie Anderson (Phantasmagoria)

↑ He sang Stairway To Heaven



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