I have thoroughly enjoyed your cheerful disposition, your helpful attitude and the professional demeanor that you brought to all of the tasks in FSG I was associated with. You were an absolutely delightful professional to
work with.

Andrew Prozes


I provided creative support for the sale of large-scale IT aplications to the financial sector - which is how I cut my teeth in event planning, trade shows and corporate presentation. 


It was like three years compressed into one:

  • I was involved in supporting CSG's presence at trade shows in NYC, New Orleans, Chicago and Toronto with oversiight of booth design, transportation logistics, set-up, take-down and management of the booth during the show

  • Speaker support and presenttion prep for sales execs at trade forums. This was pre-Powerpoint. It was 35mm slides and InFocus, a dedicated ppt pre-curser for video presentations. Video projectors were not portable!

  • Produced sector meetings for senior execs around the launch of new IT products for banks, insurance companies, fund managers and brokerage houses: site planning, agenda, visuals, desgn and prep of take-away documents and collateral materials.
    These events oten involved multiple presenters which meant attention to consisitency in look, length and language

  • co-ordination of content and design for seven regular sector newsletters

  • produced the housewarming event around the company's consolidation of executive facilities to 393 University Avenue

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