Steve was a force in drawing our attention to the concept of doing a distribution deal with Bellevue -
and I oughta know!
The concept of owning vs. renting video was brand new. Disney allowed us to explore new channels like department stores and supermarkets.


The notion of an exclusive deal for Disney video in Canada was far-fetched - until we did it. Until that time I was Product Manager for about half of the studios we distributed, all on a non-exclusive basis. Once that deal was in place, I turned 100% of my attention to the integration of Disney into our system.


My role was to work with studio representatives on the execution of dealer sales programs, branch openings, movie screenings and events for retailers. I was also quite involved in content for a bi-weekly magazine we published to keep retail current on product news for a steady stream of new releases and catalogue programs generated by the studios I worked with: Walt Disney, Paramount, MGM/UA, Warner, New World, Thorn/EMI, Astral, Embassy.

Product Manager, Disney


1984 - 1986



Bellevue Home Entertainment was the home video distribution subsiary of Montréal's Astral, Bellevue, Pathé.

It represented all the major studios to wherever home video product was rented or sold, at a time when owning a movie was very new.

In 1985, the company entered into a landmark agreement with the Walt Disney Company for exclusive distribution in Canada.


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