Steve is the most creative thinker I have seen in an industry that prides itself in celebrating non-linear thinking.

Bill Ott


Like the media business, relationships
depend on resilence and creativity in an
insular trade, where you are opposite
the same people every day.


A&M was highly regarded for relentless marketing commitment and an artist orientation.


I was responsible for the sales and promotion team of 8 who represented recorded music productof A&M and distributed labels to music retail chains and media:

Meeting overall and project-specific sales targets, account inevntory control, retail and media promotion, co-op advertising, sales presentation, staffing and budget control


Accounts included record retail chains like Sam's, HMV and Music World, independent specialty retailers, rack jobbers who serviced the record departments of department stores and "one-stops" who wholesaled to independent record stores we didn't deal with directly.


  • our territory delivered over half of $30+ million annual Canadian sales

  • we consistently met aggressive sales targets on a high output of product whose life cycles where short

  • we were reknown for creative supplier presence at retail sales meetings


Notable promotions

Bryan Adams Waking Up The Neighbours diamond campaign (MuchMusic/Peoples Jewellers/HMV); Test Drive a Tape (HMV)

Let's Make a Disc Deal (CD Plus); Iggy Pop Instinct (Sam's /Jolt Cola); John Lee Hooker's First Gold Record (Sam's)

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